Data Recovery

What more important than your data!
There are 2 kinds of data recovery:1. Physical Hard Drive Recovery. If your hard drive is clicking, hard disk clanking, knocking or pinging, if it has suffered a surge or other physical damage, or if it is not recognized in the BIOS. 2. Logical Data Recovery. If your drive was accidentally formatted, files were deleted, drive won’t boot, or If your drive appears in the bios, but isn’t accessible, click here to jump immediately to our data recovery software page, We perform diagnostics on your machine to determine the level of failure. Malfunctioning Computer Hardware.

We do not fix hardware ourselves. Generally, if you have a component that does not work any longer we recommend it be replaced with a newer unit. It is generally not worth the money to repair a device greater than 3 years old. If you really want the device repaired we will have it sent to a repair facility. If the device to be repaired or replaced is the hard-drive we will copy the data files from the drive to a CD (or other storage device) so that they can be restored to a functioning system later. Malfunctioning Software. The most frequent cause of software problems are viruses. We will examine you entire system and determine how to remove any viruses (if found). If the cause is not viruses, the next most frequent cause are DLL conflicts from different software installs. These will be diagnosed and repaired. Frequently, the software may need to be reinstalled.